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Mrs. K’s Boudoir Review

You’re Not Alone

Worrying about what the back of my Nikon looks like is a common fear among women wanting to do a boudoir session.

See in her own words her fears, her thoughts, and her experience here at our Massena, NY boudoir photography studio.

Mrs. K’s Boudoir Experience

“In the back of my head, I had kept telling myself I would love to do a photo shoot. I would sit there and scroll through (A Million Monarchs) posts and pictures for quite some time.

I knew it was something I wanted to do. I knew I was comfortable enough with myself to celebrate ME! How much my body has changed having three children. Before kids, I was small and in shape. My weight has always been up and down since having them.

Now I embrace me—I have more of the “love me or hate me” attitude! I am a low maintenance girl. A day for makeup, hair, and stepping out of my box made me more excited for something new.

I knew I wanted to do this for myself. I have a daughter and two sons, and to let them know regardless of how you feel in your skin, be proud of YOU! And to know that Mom isn’t ashamed, once my daughter is older that it may empower her more when she understands the photos.”

The Reveal

“Not going to lie, driving home with that bag, I kept thinking, “What If I hate them?”

I am notorious for disliking pictures or asking for a couple redos! So this…. is in print in an amazing keepsake album as well as wall art for my bedroom for me to see every day and be happy with my body? I was absolutely nervous.

When I started to open the wall art, once it was there, I thought, “Wow, that’s me! I love it!”

I was scared to open the album. I took my time, nice and slow, but as the pages went on, my face did not stop smiling in awe!

It was me. Just as I was hoping—I am in love with it.

When I look at the wall art or the box, I have the biggest smile on my face, because I know I succeeded in what I was trying to do! Capture me enjoying being a woman, being me, not worrying about what anyone thinks as long as this girl is smiling! With all my flaws that I’m critical of.

Up a size, down a size, I need to stop being so critical of myself. This is me if it makes myself feel happy and smile—the way Marina made me feel for the right shots when I wasn’t sure.”

Take the Leap

“When I made the impulse booking for this, it was hands-down the best idea. If anyone is contemplating booking because you don’t think you lost enough yet or you won’t look good: just book! This has made my heart feel so happy.

And at the end of the day, if you are smiling, that is all the matters!”


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Marina LaBaff is the owner and photographer of A Million Monarchs and Lavender Lullabies with headquarters in Massena, New York.

Amanda’s Review – Confidence Booster

Have you ever wanted to do something and thought that?

That’s exactly what Amanda O said when she found A Million Monarchs Boudoir Photography Studio Located in Massena, New York.

“Then, one day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw these gorgeous photos that took my breathe away. The photos were by Marina at A Million Monarchs in Massena. I immediately thought “I wish I had the confidence to do that!”

Who can relate to this?

Let’s stop selling ourselves short of the life we deserve and letting self doubts hold us back from experiences we’re ready for. Let Amanda’s courageous story inspire you to pause for a moment and acknowledge the strong female that you are, recognizing the beauty in your growth that shines brighter with every adversity you overcome.

All it took was one conversation with Marina to ease any nerves and reassure her that booking this photoshoot was the right choice. They didn’t even meet yet and the relationship already began to bloom, Amanda chose to trust Marina when she told her that she would be there every step of the way.

It’s okay to be nervous, maybe this is the first time you’ve put yourself first in a while or treated yourself to something special. I know how loving and nurturing all of you are, you will do anything for your loved ones and now it’s time to do the same for yourself. You all have a beautiful story to share that will inspire others, just like this one.

“For most of my life I was pretty secure with myself. Well, after my braces were removed But the older I got, the more insecure with my body I became. My flaws just seemed to stick out more. My cellulite, my thick thighs, the bump on my nose…

Then, I met my wife—who tells me constantly that these are some of her favorite qualities in me. But I could never see what she sees. I was happy with how fit I got for our wedding and even how I looked in a swimsuit on our Honeymoon; but I still found something about my body in each picture that I wasn’t happy about. (I know, crazy how we think this about our own bodies!?!?)”

It’s easy to let doubts push you to think you don’t look like the women who do this kind of thing but that’s what the whole point of this is, you are that woman!

I’m sure every woman before you thought the same thing at some point but all of you belong here, celebrating everything that makes you unlike anyone else. Those little “flaws” are often some of our best traits, like Amanda with what she referred to as a little bump on her nose but what I see has delicately defined bone structure.

What began as a thoughtful surprise for her wife quickly turned into a life changing gift for both of them. Following Marina’s extensive preparation guide Amanda had fun picking out her wardrobe and treating herself to a little pampering at the spa.

Somehow she managed to do all of this without spoiling the surprise, but it took some effort, having lingerie delivered to her mother-in-law’s and coming up with a sweet date night to distract her on the day of the photoshoot.

“Prior to booking my shoot, I had invited my wife to join the Million Monarchs Boudoir Group on Facebook—at least twice a week, out the blue, she would say, “Babe, you should do this. It would be so sexy!” Or “Her photos are stunning!” I just sat there and said “Ya, they really are…” Inside, I was thinking “Ah! If she only knew!” Sneaky sneaky…“

There’s something about making a choice solely on your own and not sharing that decision until you choose to, it’s liberating because it’s uninfluenced by anyone but you.

Even if you were initially drawn to booking this boudoir experience as a gift for someone else, you will quickly realize that the real gift is learning to love yourself more and that’s what your partner desires the most.

Booking your photoshoot is just the beginning of your transformation, you’re perfect the way you are and the real change comes when you let go of what doesn’t serve you, especially others’ opinions that dime your shine.

“Fast forward a couple months—The day has finally come!!! I got ready for work just like any other day but I also planned a special date for us that night—this was my excuse to pack a bag so I could “Get ready for dinner after work.” (Although the bag was actually a suitcase but she knows what it takes for me to get ready so she didn’t question it)

Anyway, I leave for work and begin to make my way to Massena. So many things were running through my mind, but when I finally arrived at the studio, all my worries seemed to disappear. I was greeted by the fabulous make up artist and hair stylist, Kharissa Danboise. She made me feel so welcomed and calm. We laughed and told each other stories and really got to know each other. Kind of as if we were long lost best friends. Well, at least I felt that way.

During this process Marina showed up. She was everything I imagined. Sweet, caring, beautiful inside and out. We were all able to bond before the shoot which eliminated so much of the anxiety and pressure I was feeling. It was just what I needed.”

From the moment you walk into the studio you are treated like the queen you are and not one moment will pass that you don’t feel like absolute royalty. This is your safe haven and a space where you are welcome to express yourself in ways you have always wanted to but didn’t for one reason or another.

You will be welcomed with open arms and lovingly guided through the big day by Marina, she will help you create a wardrobe that brings your vision to life and pose you from head to toe.

This is your day to make memories that will last forever and remind yourself just how incredible you are.

“After being glamified; it was my moment! I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. We immediately hopped to it. I can’t even put into words all the emotions I was feeling. In this moment I felt truly beautiful and wasn’t focused on my ‘flaws’. I’m not sure if it was all the make-up and curls, the sexy lingerie, the lighting, my personal cheerleaders (Kharissa and Marina)—or all of it! But something clicked. I. AM. BEAUTIFUL.”

“Fast forward again to when I received my booty bible. GIRLS. Let me tell YOU! My expectations have been exceeded. Every single picture is BREATHTAKING. I still can’t believe this is actually ME! I was so blown away that I couldn’t even wait until Christmas like I had planned, to show my wife—and let’s just say, she’s happy I didn’t.

What started out as a gift for my wife ended up being just as much a gift to myself. These are more than just pictures to me. This was an experience I will NEVER forget and I am forever grateful for Marina and Kharissa at A Million Monarchs Boudoir. Thank you girls for changing my life.. and turning my wife on. “

Let whatever it is that has brought you here inspire you to book your own boudoir photoshoot and experience it for yourself.

You are unlike anyone else and that deserves to be celebrated! Every single woman is welcome at A Million Monarchs, there is no mold that you have to fit into to do this and there is never a wrong time. It’s one day that can change the rest of your life.

Is Fear Holding You Back From A Boudoir Photoshoot?

You may be surprised to learn that most women (just like you) who book their photoshoot with A Million Monarchs Boudoir come in nervous and struggling to love their body.

Today we are affectionately featuring Mrs. A’s boudoir photoshoot!

Mrs. A’s Boudoir Experience

“So yesterday I went and saw my pictures, and can I just say I am absolutely blown away.

There is such a difference from what you “see” yourself as standing in front if the mirror, to what Marina captures behind the camera. I am in complete awe and I so can’t wait for my album to come in!!!

Being a mother of 2, and never getting back to my pre pregnancy weight, I was beyond nervous to even look at a piece of lingerie. I couldn’t stomach it. All I could see was me “coming” out in places that I shouldn’t.

And let me just say, the entire time I was scared. Like shivering scared.

But after I did my shoot, I was kinda like… ‘what was i worried about?’

And then when I saw my pictures I left in tears!(happy tears!!) I was in complete awe. Like there was no way that was me on that screen. But it was.

Marina is fantastic behind the camera. All I can say is I’m truly over joyed with my entire experience.

So if it’s fear of your image holding you back. Please, from me to you. Dont let it stop you! You are beautiful!!!”

Mrs. A, A Million Monarchs Boudoir Client

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If you’re waiting until the perfect moment to book, don’t wait until you’re comfortable or confident. You too, can gain your confidence back through a boudoir photoshoot with us.

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From Everyday (right) To Glam (left)!


Client Review: Why Boudoir Is For Every Woman

Should you try boudoir?

You might be wondering: is boudoir for me?

Although boudoir photography can be an empowering experience, the idea of booking your first session can be absolutely nerve-wracking.

Most of the women we work with have questions like these running through their mind:

What if I don’t look like the women in your portfolio?
What if I hate the photos?
What if I don’t love my body right now?

You are not alone.

Fear can hold us back from experiences we deserve. Boudoir is an opportunity to love yourself deeper, to be courageous, to embrace who you are.

But don’t take it from us — hear from Shelly, an everyday woman just like us.


Shelly’s Boudoir Experience

“This quote (above) reminded me of my shoot.

I was nervous all the pictures I had seen were of beautiful younger women. If my children knew I was doing this, they would be so embarrassed. I am a business woman needing to always be careful of image, so many reasons to hide.”

Raise your hand if you’ve felt this way before!

Society tells us to paint the perfect picture of ourselves. And as women, we often hear that the best thing we can be is selfless — but that can lead to losing ourselves along the way.

Boudoir helps us reclaim exactly who we are.

How Boudoir Changed Her Life

“I walked into that door and all I can say is, it was a smudging right from the start. Two beautiful souls took me in, made me feel welcomed and cared for.

Now I flaunt those pictures, not hiding a thing. I remember why I wanted them. I am 50, a mom, a gram, a coach, a business woman, and an athlete. I want to show others how beautiful and sexy we still are even though our body try to tell us differently.

My plan is to do it every five years and my albums will be part of my funeral viewing. That should bring all the boys to the yard.

No other way than to love life.”

Take On Your Own Boudoir Photoshoot

We are so proud to have Shelly in the Monarch family! The benefits of boudoir have made an enormous impact on her life — one day can change everything.

Every woman is welcome in our studio. You deserve to be celebrated, to love exactly who you are, and feel like an absolute queen.

So, are you ready to get started? From saving the date to answering any questions you have about our experience, we’ll help you plan the perfect boudoir photoshoot.


Book Your Massena Boudoir Session

Ready to make your reservations with us? Book your photoshoot today to hold your space and treat yourself to the ultimate boudoir photography experience.


Marina LaBaff is the owner and photographer of A Million Monarchs and Lavender Lullabies with headquarters in Massena, New York.

Boudoir Shoot Review

“I need to write this now, because honestly I’m still floating on Cloud 9.. I have never felt so good, confident, beautiful, and strong as how I felt today.

At first I was so nervous. Hoping to not get sick in my car. My self-esteem was on edge. Constantly telling myself to buck up and do this, capture my body now before my surgery and will never look the same again.. But once I walked though that door at A Million Monarchs, all my doubts dropped instantly. I was welcomed with open arms and everything flowed at such a comfortable pace.

I’ve struggled with self confidence my entire life. Battled with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, and now my fight with cancer, so this was definitely a challenge… But my goddess I have never loved myself more! I feel amazing!!. (The photographer) and Sophie are incredible ladies and so talented, and made everything such an unforgettable experience.

I thank you so much for everything, so glad I got to meet you both!.

But I also thank myself, I needed this, for ME.

**here’s a little before&after**” – Ms. S (posted into our boudoir photograph group HERE)