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Boudoir Shoot Review

“I need to write this now, because honestly I’m still floating on Cloud 9.. I have never felt so good, confident, beautiful, and strong as how I felt today.

At first I was so nervous. Hoping to not get sick in my car. My self-esteem was on edge. Constantly telling myself to buck up and do this, capture my body now before my surgery and will never look the same again.. But once I walked though that door at A Million Monarchs, all my doubts dropped instantly. I was welcomed with open arms and everything flowed at such a comfortable pace.

I’ve struggled with self confidence my entire life. Battled with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, and now my fight with cancer, so this was definitely a challenge… But my goddess I have never loved myself more! I feel amazing!!. (The photographer) and Sophie are incredible ladies and so talented, and made everything such an unforgettable experience.

I thank you so much for everything, so glad I got to meet you both!.

But I also thank myself, I needed this, for ME.

**here’s a little before&after**” – Ms. S (posted into our boudoir photograph group HERE)