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Mrs. K’s Boudoir Review

You’re Not Alone

Worrying about what the back of my Nikon looks like is a common fear among women wanting to do a boudoir session.

See in her own words her fears, her thoughts, and her experience here at our Massena, NY boudoir photography studio.

Mrs. K’s Boudoir Experience

“In the back of my head, I had kept telling myself I would love to do a photo shoot. I would sit there and scroll through (A Million Monarchs) posts and pictures for quite some time.

I knew it was something I wanted to do. I knew I was comfortable enough with myself to celebrate ME! How much my body has changed having three children. Before kids, I was small and in shape. My weight has always been up and down since having them.

Now I embrace me—I have more of the “love me or hate me” attitude! I am a low maintenance girl. A day for makeup, hair, and stepping out of my box made me more excited for something new.

I knew I wanted to do this for myself. I have a daughter and two sons, and to let them know regardless of how you feel in your skin, be proud of YOU! And to know that Mom isn’t ashamed, once my daughter is older that it may empower her more when she understands the photos.”

The Reveal

“Not going to lie, driving home with that bag, I kept thinking, “What If I hate them?”

I am notorious for disliking pictures or asking for a couple redos! So this…. is in print in an amazing keepsake album as well as wall art for my bedroom for me to see every day and be happy with my body? I was absolutely nervous.

When I started to open the wall art, once it was there, I thought, “Wow, that’s me! I love it!”

I was scared to open the album. I took my time, nice and slow, but as the pages went on, my face did not stop smiling in awe!

It was me. Just as I was hoping—I am in love with it.

When I look at the wall art or the box, I have the biggest smile on my face, because I know I succeeded in what I was trying to do! Capture me enjoying being a woman, being me, not worrying about what anyone thinks as long as this girl is smiling! With all my flaws that I’m critical of.

Up a size, down a size, I need to stop being so critical of myself. This is me if it makes myself feel happy and smile—the way Marina made me feel for the right shots when I wasn’t sure.”

Take the Leap

“When I made the impulse booking for this, it was hands-down the best idea. If anyone is contemplating booking because you don’t think you lost enough yet or you won’t look good: just book! This has made my heart feel so happy.

And at the end of the day, if you are smiling, that is all the matters!”


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Marina LaBaff is the owner and photographer of A Million Monarchs and Lavender Lullabies with headquarters in Massena, New York.