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How Does The Client Closet Work?

Did you know that A Million Monarchs Boudoir offers a client closet?

We also like to call this the super-woman-save-the-day wardrobe!

It’s a wonderful backup in case a lingerie piece didn’t come in within the time frame you needed before your photoshoot.

Another reason why it’s so important to order your wardrobe early! Go ahead and treat yourself!

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How does the Client Closet work?

Although we carry some accent pieces and two-pieces, the majority of the boudoir wardrobe is one-piece bodysuits! Bodysuits tend to have more stretch and can fit a wider range of sizes for tops and bottoms.

How many times have you gone searching for a new bikini and have been a size MD top but an XL bikini bottom? It’s a common problem in women’s fashion! So common that many swim and lingerie designers have realized that not one Large bikini top and bottom fits all! They often let you separate and choose your own sizing for top and bottom.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous 2-piece lingerie set, checkout our all-time favorite fashion designers in our session prep guide. You get this once booked!

The Client Closet is Evolving

Our closet changes by the day! Because fashion designers change their style offerings out by the season, it is not easy to replace exact pieces. Lingerie pieces can be so very delicate, we tend to toss them out if they become damaged. Don’t worry! We’re always finding neat treasure’s to place within the closet for you to have access to.

Each woman has her very own style! You may love the cut and style of one piece of boudoir lingerie but then wish it was in a different color! That’s why we highly recommend all clients bring 3-4 pieces that they LOVE to their boudoir photoshoot!

A great reason to treat yourself and go shopping before your photoshoot! You’ll be able to guarantee you’ll be obsessed with the color, style, and fit.

Unsure of what to bring?

Many women come with unique gems already in their closet (that leather jacket from college, those heels you only wore once!) as well as some freshly bought lingerie pieces!

Our comprehensive boudoir session prep guide will walk you through from start to finish! This special guide is sent out after booking your photoshoot with us.

All you need to bring on your photoshoot day is your gorgeous face and 3-4 outfits. Be sure to order early so that everything your heart desires arrives in time!